About Us
Welcome to BrightStar Christian Academy where our love for God and for children is preeminent. We are delighted to be presenting our quality Preschool and Afterschool programs to serve your children.

Jacqueline Alkhaseh, M.Ed.


BCA Afterschool Mission:

  • Present Jesus’ saving plan and Holy Spirit’s transformative work ; helping the young to grow in their relationship with Christ
  • Offer tutoring and coaching to help students excel in their schoolwork.
  • Provide cultural enrichment classes in art, language and music, passing on the rich heritage of Ancient Civilizations to the next generation
  • Provide a healthy and safe environment
  •  Valuing and cultivating relationships, recognizing everyone’s value to God
  • Cultivate unity among our Assyrian community; pursuing oneness in Spirit through humility and selflessness as Christ modeled for us

BCA Preschool Mission:

  • Introduce God’s plan and the love of Jesus for the children, encouraging His values and character into their lives
  • Recognize formative years of children are an important window of opportunity to teach and equip them for life
  • Provide developmentally appropriate curriculum and emergent activities  that encompass the  spiritual, social, emotional, cognitive, and creative domains, engaging the whole child in learning
  • Provide a balanced combination of self –directed and teacher-directed experiences , recognizing that young children learn fundamentally different than older children, and that play constitutes a deeper form of learning
  • Provide learning experiences for children to develop confidence and self-esteem as they learn of God’s unique gifting and plan for their life

Proud to be A Green and Natural School

  Genesis 1:28
    God blessed Adam and Eve and said to them, “Prosper! Reproduce! Fill Earth! Take charge! Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of Earth.”